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Built by Learners: A Manifesto

Together we can have an amazing impact on the planet.

Whether it's contributing to increasing demands for food, developing new ways to protect the environment or providing for your community, we want you to have the skills you need.

#BuiltByLearners isn't a marketing tactic. It's our way of describing how we intend to grow the app, putting learners at the heart of the decision-making and our direction. 

Here are the key elements as we see them:

  • Learners will have their say on new courses - you will be able to submit ideas and vote for your favourites.
  • We will implement learner feedback quickly (or give you a reason why it cannot be done).
  • Give credit and rewards to learners for ideas, improvements and finding mistakes.
  • Keep learners informed of changes to courses, lessons or otherwise, in a clear and transparent way.
  • Continue to provide transparent pricing for certificate upgrades and listen to feedback to make it affordable and accessible.

This is open to scrutiny and improvement, and we encourage you to have your say, whether it's an idea or feedback.

Our community - you - also has responsibilities within this framework:

  • To share - bring like-minded individuals onto the platform, so that we can improve together.
  • To engage - not letting an error go unreported, not leaving an idea in your head.
  • To action - take the lessons and put them into action. Create a positive impact, no matter what scale.

This manifesto was published on 6th May, 2020. Updates will be listed below in due course.